What kind of travel blog is this?
I wouldn’t call this a travel blog per se. How this whole idea started was that I was cleaning up my google drive one day and came across my old travel itineraries. Seeing that the homework had already been done, I thought – why not share? Hopefully others might find them useful.

Why are your itineraries so detailed? Don’t you believe in spontaneity?
Perhaps it’s due to my culture, perhaps my personality, or perhaps in large due to the fact that money and time is reaaaally limited. I like to have a plan to try to get the most out of my time by doing/seeing/eating things I really want. The bonus point is that I don’t have to fret so much on what comes next once I’m on holiday.

If I had a limitless amount of money, I would probably love to just buy an air ticket with no plans, taking my time to explore and spend some days just lounging somewhere and people-watch. But…..well I don’t. Any sponsors out there? 🙂

So these itineraries cover pretty much everything I need to see/do?
I don’t believe there’s a one-size-fits-all itinerary. Everyone has different interests and preferences. I love to interact with animals so there will usually be an animal related place/activity- restricted to 1-2 places by my travel buddies. Otherwise, we might be visiting animals everyday 😛 Food is pretty important to me too so usually I’ll include a list of eateries I want to go.  

I’m not much of a hiker nor a very artsy person  – so long ardous treks or visits to museums (exceptions are natural history / science) are unlikely to be included. Hence, it’s pretty important for you to do your homework and tweak the itineraries accordingly.

Any tips you want to share?
At the end of the day, an itinerary is just there for reference. Perhaps a local recommended something more enticing or perhaps you feel like having a lazy day. Be flexible and learn to shift things around, as well as prioritize stuff. A holiday just isn’t that fun anymore if you feel stressed and rushed trying to complete everything. 

On that final note – Happy travels everyone! 🙂